First 27 Days of a write and post challenge ( Haikus and Triads)

Day 27
My lavender brings
All the bees to my dooryard
Butterflies, absent.

Day 26 Politics NI style
A backbone we wish
for those here with slack jawbones
A wishbone we hold

Day 25
A day may be changed
An others simplest action
Frown or smile….so!

Day 24
You want fulsome joy
Engage, mind heart & soul fully
or stand and kick up dust.

Day 23
My heart is bless’d
Love IS a many splendored thing
This cat got the cream

Day 22
The cat IS my hat
and I see this and the other
The light and the dark

Day 21 A Triad
Three truths of a happy retirement.
A youthful outlook on life
A youthful attitude to sex
A youthful, younger partner!

Day 20 (2 of 2)
Joseph, Trans, Mercy
Unashamed is powerful
Let that sissy boy shine

Day 19 (after a talk on the bible & gender bending, and being true to yourself) 1 of 2.
Who tells the story
boys are not supposed to dream
the dead wear grave clothes

Day 18 (after Walt W)
My sprig of lilac
The song of the hermit bird
The dooryard but rests

Day 17
Live, love, with purpose
Like the sun, dies for the moon
let nature teach you.

Day 16
Another black stone gift
darkness, its energy yours
yet the sun & moon shine

Day 15
This is inevitable
Embrace emotions

Day 14
The heart is your home
There’s no escaping your heart
The swallows fly south

Day 13 Haiku (re a medical condition that will plague human kind more and more and the suggestion of a initial treatment)
Do you suffer from
Nature deficiency disorder?
Let toes grip the earth

Day 12; Haiku (after another workshop)
Dominant narratives
Normalize life’s suffering
Men’s gender questioned

Day 11; My Nicknames Haiku
First, lambatoodle,
Pansy, tartan terrier,
and then Papa-smurf!

Day 10; Haiku
Stones, shells,surfs tokens
amassed for colour, shape, holes!
Are we mementos

Day 9 Haiku (ish)
Is the notion of
a healthy prison always
an oxymoron

Day 8:Haiku for a happy life
Dogmas do not dance
Porn to camp to tragedy.
Our Kisses matched perfectly

Day 7 Triad;l Three Sacred colours for the mystical journey
Sheepskin soft and alabaster hard…white
Wolfskin wild and ochre polished…red
Bearskin strong and obsidian glass… Black

Day 6 Haiku for a 21st C Organic Hipster
Grip the earth with toes
let skin tingle undressed, bare.
bring a flask of tea

Day 5 Triad for writer
You must prepare the ground and think.
Don’t think to hard that you ignore inspiration
A writer in the end must actually WRITE!

Day 4 A Haiku for dating app users (well men)
Cock without a face
Beggars so many questions
and life is too short

DAY 3 A Haiku
Why sit and count now
all the loves that passed you by
catch the breeze and laugh

A Triad; Three truths for a worthy father.
The value of love IS your choice
A heavy hand is a judgement on you
Honesty begets honesty

Day 1 A North Antrim Haiku ( as spoken by my Gran)
Thans one dirty hallion
He’s boggin in thon midden
What a quaire wee skitter


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