Day 28-41 of the 100 day write and post challenge.

Day 28 Haiku (after reports that the Tories are determined to take on Syria)

Is it war again
Then go yourself, try it out
No? spend lives wisely

Day 29 Triad Three requisite attributes for a new friendship;

To receive there must also be giving
Honesty is a two way street
Share both life’s, nihility and vitality

Day 30 Haiku, (thanks to Maude)

The earth is my body
My head is in the stars
live high,sing out, be free, be you.

Day 31 haiku (after meeting a friend last seen 30 yrs ago at Uni)

Her skin looked, lived in
Mirror, mirror on the wall
time flies, time takes; sighs.

Day 32

Life begins @ 40
You’re only as old as you feel
Who cares,who knows,we!

Day 33 A Triad after looking through my baptismal bible from 9th Nov 1980 and notes therein.

Three reminders of gods word for a loving spiritual life

The righteous sings and rejoices
A humble spirit will obtain honour
Never be lacking in zeal and spiritual fervour

Day 34

4G and wi-fi
Superfast fibre broadband
don’t blame the messenger

Day 35 Haiku – books from the bible?

Habakkuk, Nahum
Zephaniah and Haggai
Who remembered them?

Day 36

A faded grass ring
A dry unsheafed head of corn
gifts from druid camp

Day 37

What is LOVE today
sex, lust, love, fucking,kissing
no shame, no guilt; bliss.

Day 38

Badger, fox, hedgehog
Rabbits, squirrels, all road kill.
orphans, widows, tears.

Day 39 Druid oracle cards for the Equinox

The frog, bee and hare
all went to Dublin by train
full of good Karma

Day 40

The sacred feeds me
The yard nourishes me too
Love, joy together

Day 41 (two loved ones, reflections to me)

Must I always feel
What IS this thing called Poly
Lifes loves challenges


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