The Selkie in Me…. (My Soul People)

My absent other self,
perhaps my younger self
but not me, more my soul.
Gay boy, ginger boy, nature boy,
alone on the beach,
in the woods, behind a closed
door, buried in a book.
A day dream away
in some other place;
the huge lime tree or
maybe the yew out back
of my old childhood home.
A place in which to sit
high and unseen, yet
seeing and hearing. Then
I am in the boat, lingering,
fingering the cold calm
dark deep Straits Of Moyle,
crossing to Rathlin,
and a head bobs up
beside me, with eyes so full.
Eyes that so see me.
I feel the pull and
taste the yearning,
remember the stories,
recall my sense of place
and my desire to be.

So now I keep an eye out,
for my seashore token.
A gold doubloon, a shiny
Hag-stone in the surf
and the message that;
my time Is served,
my return is close,
my forgiveness is full,
my home is ready,
my loneliness is ending,
my circle complete.
My salty tears ready to join
add to the sum of theirs
and be at peace. Released back,
to my soul, sea, seal folk
from my stone bound shadow.
Renewed within my true
long lost Selkie skin.


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