The Whale, sea and ME (an experiment, eyes closed, let the mind go..type)

For me it was always blue
And deep, and darkening
Like an ink blot patch
That grows in intensity
As the centre is approached.
I know it is cold but,
That isn’t the thing that
Becomes apparent
Doesn’t be part of my imagining.
Just the colour and the depth
And the sense of mystery.
The image and where it might,
And does take me in my mind.
Like a lost memory, no a
Hiding place for
For emotion,
For loss and love,
So many tears, too much
Sadness. My memories?
There is illuminous joy there too
But that is buried deep,
Waiting, for now, in the gloom
In the cold depths of
Watery time, in a pocket of
light no one yet quite
Deserves or has discovered.
Can the light pierce,
The depths where I hide,
And what is this light
The source and the meaning
The lustre and glow, the silver of it too.
Is it possible for me
To rise and yet not forget
To not lose that essential learning,
All the while finding a different way
A new life, but yet also an old life.
A vitality that sustains
Even the deepest darkest
Impenetrable parts,
Of me and the ocean,
for we are one. I may only be
a small pitiful drop
yet that is that way of it,
we, yes there is a we and
loneliness or solitude
can be a shared space
a mutual experience remembered
and a collective thought
held and honoured;
wisdom that waits until
we are ready;
until we surrender and
accept that possibility
that need within and between.
Maybe it’s not just about
Seeing, but listening
A song, of the sea, of the
Deepest blue past
Of the ocean, like a leviathan rising
Calling out, waiting recognition.
The great whale is part of the ocean
And is also part of me
As I am him, we breathe the same air
We are formed from the same waters
We see, actually see,
And listen and sing
And dance and love.
My drop of consequence the same
As the whales, the seals, the urchins
The krill,the worlds own briny
Expanse, its shimmering
Lapping rolling self, never still
or forgetful; holding of us,
until we surrender and
accept that possibility,
that need within and between.


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