A Ritual Blessing

We stand here
Hearts and minds
Body and soul, open
On this sweet sacred
We are thankful for,
our feet on the earth,
For seeing the wide open sky,
hearing the
Gentle breeze,
For breathing in each of you.
In dreaming wisdom
And Furrows of darkness
We may be like a thin grey man
Half lost in gathering night; but
Within this sacred grove
Of souls,
May sweet sounds of our kind
Nature kind
Spirit kind
Ancestor kind;
Together bring love and wisdom
Health and illumination
Peace and awakening
Imbas, Awen and Nwyfre,
To the land, this circle
Of stone and souls,
And our place and space
in creation here on this hill
and the cosmos.
May this circle be that calm cool
pool where pebbles fall and peace
Ripples outwards into the world.
May our stillness and our dance here
Breath renewal across the land.
May this be a place of laughter and
A place for sageness, and a refuge of
Serenity in a troubled world.
A sacred sanctuary in time and space,
For all who come to sit, listen, breath, share.
Blessed be.



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