4 old ‘love’ poems


Love made a fool of me
Three years of yearning
Not realising I had lost,
A dream that would never;
be realised.
He didn’t believe in me
Our love
Our future

Love is…1 Is Love?
Apples and honeysuckle
Doves and blue roses
Goodwill to another
Delight in their joy
Blindfolded cupids
Forget-me-nots and beads
Passion and virtue
Unrequited, narcissistic
Red tulips and dolphins
Bright crystal and silver hearts
A buttress, a hard place
Strong and enduring
Altruistic and cherished
Fragile and anguished
‘Where the sun meets the sea’

Love is….2
(my) Love needs, must be hard,
To endure, support and survive.

Love will be tested, should be
measured against anguish and pain

love is like a cliff, a buttress
of dull grey hard granite

Love remains despite the tides of
infidelity, chastisement, narcissism

Love is like a massif, with its scree
Its cracks, fractures, yet stands.

Love gives life to others, and beauty
Too, brightly jeweled at its heart

Love is enveloped by the same rain
The same sun that meets the sea

Love is 3
My love is hard, enduring, a rock.
Not some blindfolded cupid or symbolic dove.
Like a sheer granite cliff absorbing life’s shocks
Not so fragile that it need be handled with a glove
Needs must to survive loss, challenge, infidelity
For those that see a diamond, red roses, a righteous heart
To chastise and then cherish, to be willing to set free
What happens when narcissism and greed tear it apart?
We dream of a hero, loyal, strong passionate and true
Too soon find the harps music fades, the tulips wilted
A lover’s ardency wavers; their eye is drawn to what’s new
How often the tale tells of love and life’s dreams jilted
True love is like rain, it touches all, sets us free
It’s like that vision where the sun finally meets the sea.


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