Day 70-100, .. 100 day challenge

Day 70

What is your taboo
A graveyard, that food, this word
and who decided?

Day 71 Triad

Three lodestars for relationships
An open heart
An open mind
An open ear

Day 72 A Triad

Three Lodestars for relationships
It is about actual people
It is about actual communication
It is about actual lives

Day 73

A one eyed goldfinch
A stumbling one eyed red fox
I came out as ‘green’

Day 74

Sea scented brisk winds
A grandsons voice and laughter
Joy can be simple.

Day 75

A full moon, clear sky
Dawn chorus, natures evensong
Joy is curious

Day 76

A good parents love
sharing your home with others
Joy is emphatic

Day 77

Social media
The most common way to talk
Joy can be clumsy

Day 78

Walk head looking down
Walking internally talking
Joy can be pensive.

Day 79

Fire flies dance at dusk
A Kingfisher poised to dive
Joy IS in nature

Day 80

A stream tumbles on
The river flows to the sea
Joy is a journey

Day 81

A song remembers
Spoken words call forth fresh tears
Joy can be bereaved

Day 82

Triangular notes
Plucked it resonates, sings, owns.
Joy may be ancient

Day 83

Smoke fills space and clings
Old words, new words, silent words
Joy is mystical

Day 84

Man screams at himself
Panda jolts at its cubs sneeze
My joy is absurd!

Day 85

Just for this one day
Say, whatever comes to mind!
Joy could be quite rude.

Day 86

Ever-present past
Get curious with your shame
Endeavor for joy

Day 87

An ex can keep tabs
We move on but, some lack trust
Is joy coveted

Day 88

Minds with dicks attached
that’s sexy and erotic
mercurial joy

Day 89 🙂

A son works long shifts
Grandson needs looking after
Joy is exhausting

Day 90

A detonation
lives bartered,shuffled, injured
joy is, surviving?

Day 91

Awaken, a child
memories of fireman’s poles
Joy is puzzling.

Day 92

Small bruised loved tokens
Exchanges of passions heat
joy is a hickey

Day 93

I survived but why?
all radicalized world wars
enigmatic joy

Day 94

Beer in ice cold glass
Full English beside the pool
Joy enters through the mouth

Day 95

A Hoopoe flies past
A connection with nature
Rediscovered joy

Day 96

The finger traces
Lines,curves, eyes, a frigate bird
There was joy in pain.

Day 97

Inked art, bold image
A pilgrimage memory
Joy is a tattoo

Day 98

A gay nudist beach
All shapes and sizes, most shorn
Joy is a lush bush

Day 99!!!!!

Bright sunlight invades
Warmth and light awaken you
Joy is hot plasma

So day 100. I have learned that I will always write and that sometimes it works and at others well as the teachers would say ‘needs to try harder’. Inspiration is important and mindfulness too. That a poet may try sometimes to write on a bigger theme / idea but most will assume it’s about him/her ….. Or them. Finally … I like haiku’s and need to practice my triads more.

Day 100 (with thanks to the chiff chaff and blackbirds singing around me in Gran Canaria.)

Same birds, different song
Accents, dialects in nature
Joy is difference.




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