Penge West (after a conversation about sex around, what is in reality a train station near Crystal Palace Park)

Bed-mate, not wrong
Simply different, this IS,
The simple nature of truth!
Relish rare, but make it
No less equal. Your customary
Conventions are not mine,
And do not assume, despite
What has changed, that
I will make them so. You
Demand mono…in gods and sex,
And much else besides,
when anything but, seems ‘natural’,
and so the Bible tells me …
check it out, mythology old,
and new, are much the same.
Dancing, a commonality of
Both desire and requirement
Of god(s) is a boon, the spirit
Like wild words of abandonment
On the page, sets us free…try it!

I like ‘boyfriend’, denied me
In my youth and beyond,
now partner and hubby suffice,
was once referred to as,
his ‘Squeeze’.
Measure me if you will,
But I will not be tamed,
and have escaped the chains
of your snivelling darkness
he cries. We all should,
cheer for those that still carry
the torch and challenge
each day with free will
the murky failure of the
status-quo, sameness,
settling, fitting in, chains.
Dance on the page, dance
In your choices, and
Most importantly of all
Dance with your bed mate.


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