Gilding The Lily- a thing of beauty


I love my Yard.

The shape and the feel of it,

its sheen when wet and,

Smell when wood is hot.

My refuge, my comfort,

my mundane ritual obsession.


The design is quite perfect,

for a multitude of reasons.

An intromittent thing of beauty,

with organic water feature.

Time with my Yard is;

Time well spent!


Other Yards I admire too, there

being, such variety, in dimension,

colour, shape and arrangement.

Some lush with a bush, fragrant,

others prim and trim, or decorated,

even adorned with ornament.


Yards, may invoke envy, panic,

lust and even snatching!

They are often represented,

even reproduced. Smooth wood,

flexible pvc, with protective covers,

old and new. Yes I love my Yard.




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