Eons / Ions / Protons / Electrons /….. Dust.


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

we really are little more than a carbon crust.

A gathering of cosmic particles and dust, somehow held together

by intelligent design, or natural process; still quite clever.


Covalent bonding scientists say plays its part,

no matter whether a combustion engine or a piece of tart.

It can make us sneeze, incapacitate an aircraft,

when smart men figured it, even they must have laughed!


So go figure, how do we go from inanimate to this, or

are we just some astro-cosmologists project in a petri dish.

Muses and scholars have pondered this for some millennia

any wonder some have had to suffer the trials of a biblical enema.


Little is really certain about what we think,we think we might know,

So why all these ethical debates about life and how it might grow

We are no closer to understanding the zeitgeist of soul and mind

Perhaps it is just one mystery, happily way beyond mankind.




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