Hang-ups… collegiately anonymous ofcourse!

Feet, yes I like them,

And have tried that amour

Charged play.

However, they need

Be cute

And clean

With nails neat.

And no athletes foot!

Teeth, yes I think

They should be present

Otherwise forget it.

Hair, down there,

Is a must.

Man-scaping, to

A point, but that

Prepubescent look, or

To enhance the


Is such a turn off.

The lack of a foreskin

Is a thing of beauty

The slippery eel

When hooded

Makes me think.

And thinking sometimes

Is a pointless mien.

Muscles, but not pumped,

All vein clad, that

Makes me think angry

Same with your cock,

Or red and skinny

Yes I’ve seen a

Scarlett One.

Cum, yes I can and do

But swallowing or

Facials remain a

Hurdle I wish to

Conquer. Oh no,

Cum shy is,

Something else,

And cock blocking

Too, and don’t refer.

Rimming is a joy

When receiving.

I will say no more.

Wee…pee, I want to say

Piss. As a voyeur;


But up close and

Steamy, don’t ask if

Refusals offend.

Nipples how do they

Acquire those huge

Pointy nubbins?

Small, dark and hard

As with much else

In life, is simply…. Spanking!


Image Image


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