An August Hand Fasting.

So here we are all gathered to stand
On for now this sweet sacred piece of ground
And witness loves coming together
Before a gathering of souls and natures weather.

Here happiness is placed in the hands of another
Each trusting in the conviction of selfless love
Part of life’s gathering in of family and friends, where
being the right partner is as important as marrying one.

In this month of nature’s coming harvest-tide &
ancient rituals of matchmaking, we witness
Before open skies, with good earth under foot
And seas around to hear, life’s promises exchanged.

Let us each in this moment share breath and in
Quiet reflection, now wish for joy, and laughter
good health and the love of true friends, of
Purposeful living and the blessings of long life.

Today this fathers once, meagre, small;
beautifully fragile myrrhy future, holds
another’s fingers sharing artlessly the same
unconditional love, heart achingly binding
promises and oaths, as it should be,
and the story, the journey continues.

For life is too short, and we each should remember
To love fiercely, embrace strength and patience
Be delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try,
one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting.
So may all now, gathered here together,
dwell on the possibilities on this day,
of promises and pledges exchanged,
of words of love shared;
and be joy filled
be heart fully excited
and be abidingly blessed.


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