In the body,

In the body,

Sweat, hot dripping wet sweat
And breathing, especially the breath,
and every muscle, sinew, joint
Bone organ dances..the skin
Oh yes all of the skin.
And things are small and tight
and then again, so soft
You might topple over
But that doesn’t matter,
The floor is always there whether you are standing,
lying, rolling, still.
Are you IN your body, do you,
Really feel those organs, the very muscle
the stretching and straining
The grip of toes and feet to the floor
Your spine long and tight then
Curved this way and that
Down into itself too.
Arms wrapped around, swirling around
Up and over and under and tight by your sides.
Stomach so flat and ripped and then full and fleshed out
And the breathing always the breath.
Moving swiftly, in and out around and under fast
And slow; still.
The music is a teacher, the music as a lover
The music is a tease and rudder.
And you smile and laugh
You yell and yawn and
Breath out loud and
Feel the air slide past.
Now it’s your feet carrying,
next your bodies root is drawing you in another direction,
or the back, a curving of the spine
and arms and head
Trails you left and right or forward and then back.
Fingers reaching and toes
gripping, sliding stamping, holding……the moment.
Your tail swings and carries,
sweeps you another way
The chest reaches out and caves in
Shoulders roll and rotate and rise and fall and everything else
Follows. The hands curl and chase, the fingers dancing
Their own wave, grasping air
perhaps even another’s prayer.
The eyes see but not always
the way we move and where we go.
How we avoid isn’t always clear
And sometimes you don’t,
Fingers touch those that are another’s, eyes meet,
Glimpse a smile, yes you smile too.
Bodies acknowledge the dance and the dancers
The wave lifts and also sets you down
The body grows and glows and fills and
Rolls and weaves and settles
And there is Sweat, hot dripping wet
Sweet powerful ecstatic sweat
And breathing, especially the breath.


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