Adoration…( for a friend, son, brother, lover, significant other!)

Is a wishing of joy.
Seeing a wild spirit,
Holding a lover,
Cherishing a friend
And hand in hand,
Walking in woods
Along the seashore
Standing atop that hill.
Lying bare in open air
Breathing each other in
Seeing, really seeing.
When it is not easy.
Sharing the fullness
As well as the ebb
In another’s life.
Wish them love
And happiness.
Wish them strength
And bright days.
Wish then power of spirit
And gentleness of soul.
Wish them the finding
And holding of desires.
Wish them knowledge
And the time to share it.
Wish that they be seen
And known for their goodness.
Wish them understanding
And the ability to cherish.
Wish that they laugh loud
And cry too when needs.
Wish them virility
And the joy of intimacy.
Wish them lifelong friends
And a family they choose.
Wish them recognition
And quiet satisfaction.
Wish them peace within
And innate exuberance.
Wish them security
And an easy journey.
Wish them challenge
And craved solitude.
Wish them what they need
And the burden of less.
Wish them joy
And adoration.


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