Day 42-68 of the 100 day write and post challenge.

Day 68

Is it just sci-fi,
many interacting worlds.
Quantum mechanics

Day 67

Body fully charged
Heart bound in twister of light
mother earth welcomes

Day 66

Not just any tree
This one marks, shields and supports
Not the only hard wood

Day 65

Nature witnesses
Wren, Robin,Blackbird & Raven
Echoes silenced them

Day 64

His mantra shadowed
Life leading to that ruin
Travel does save lives

Day 63 Family

Stone masons,Farmers
Eel fishermen and Tanners
this apple fell far….

Day 62

Lost from the bright light
In long abandoned tunnels
this is the wrong path

Day 61 ( an old ‘love-poem’ one of three posted t my blog)

(my) Love needs, must be hard,
To endure, support and survive.
Love will be tested

Day 60

A child’s first painting,
like the fathers hangs now too
When I’m gone, what then?

Day 59

A friend in need is
Amicus certus in re incerta
Is a friend in deed

Day 58 Politics

No, seems the default
The gravy train, means perhaps
Deadline = wisecrack

Day 57

How many women
who’s sageness has touched my life
do I count as friends?

Day 56

Samhain is coming
Trees wear a different colour
winds gift, leaf blizzard

Day 55 (on using a tumble dryer for the first time in 5 years)

Today in my house
Bliss is a tumble dryer
Nature does not fluff

Day 54

Whale, lies on the beach.
and thousands gather, to mourn?
Selfies, then landfill.

Day 53

Safety, in love?
Track your positivity
Emotional diets?

Day 52

Lucid awakenings
two pulsating pith’s collide
waves of red, cinch and lap.

Day 51 ( from the ‘Irish’)

I am big with you,
may we be alive at this time again

Day 50

What of privilege
me, I, now, here, you, we too.
Others eyes see it.

Day 49

Sweat your prayers they say
movement is an antidote
Lyrical freedom

Day 48

The sea calls to me
naked immersion cleanses
nature witnesses

Day 47

Where some see land mines
I say try look for snow flakes
Don’t trust words? Trust actions.

Day 46

Today’s life’s stories
echoes,owned again, time aged
the choice is yours friend.

Day 45 ( from a new friends poem)

This is poverty’s home
The dearth wail protracts yet more
Gets owned by the next…..

Day 44

So a phone-less day
walking, talking eating, why?
Glasses left in taxi!

Day 43 ( for Cornell and Dyer and all arm chair voyagers)

Our minds are kingdoms
Perfect bliss and joy therein
lands yet unexplored.

DAY 42 wink emoticon

A Zazen insight,
eat when hungry, sleep when tired
Ah, enlightenment


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