Taboo (thou shalt not)

I feel it
Words, a heavy hand,
Anxiety, learned well
Nurtured early.
The body absorbs this reflex and
The mind grows numb,
But really gated, secure
With boundaries, fated
And enslaving.
Life is then a script,
Someone else’s
Monologue, that
We then own.
Dogmas come with
Their own ambiguity
Blind spots. Breeding,
Mistrust, distrust,
Lies, killing joy.
Abandoning the
I, the we, the us.
Restraint fosters
Familiar rampancy.
A natural native
Liberty of mind
And body. So we fuck;
With the re-proof
and damnation.
We revoke restrain
And forsake sacrifice.
Joy has many faces, many
Shapes, smells, spaces.
Life is bare, and
Compact curtailed.
And death is too certain
And unyielding.
I shall do; and You?


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